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Written by on January 1, 2018

“Thinking on Demand” represents the last generation between the organizations specialized in the acceleration for the  development of technological projects oriented to the areas that need a real push. Example of these are: the social areas, human rights, environment protection and the improvement of the life quality in general.

Is it possible to combine the business with  society and the individual needs? Of course! We just really want this! For this reason we allow ourselves to believe, we are working to make this world a better place, with ethics and to favor equal rights and opportunities.

Our mission is therefore to create opportunities where they do not exist, through direct support in creating a new idea and a new project. We differentiate ourselves from the other incubators or accelerators since in every initiative that we participate in, we integrate our technological know-how , help to develop a project in other places of the world where it might be needed, we defend and protect the copyright and the ownership of the project, but most of all we transform a creative person into a visionary.

We are also working with the programs: THE BRIDGE PROGRAM, THINKING SCOUT PROGRAM and the AFFILIATION PROGRAM  in order to set the bases for a true collaboration and interaction between enterprises and people,  generating new jobs and opportunities.

The network between the startups and partners that participate in our programs have also the mission of sharing projects among them . This way when a startup wins with their project, the whole partner network wins as well.

In 2018 Thinking on Demand acquired 100% of Italia on Air, the digital radio channel which mission is to promote the Italian culture outside Italy.


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